Chachani Downhill

At 7am we pick you up from the hotel and go in the 4WD for approximately 2 and half hours . We will stop in many places where you can take pictures of the landscape and see the national reserve of SALINAS Y AGUADA BLANCA. Amazing view of conical form of Misti's north face.
At 9:30 am we arrive at Antenas(4700 masl or 15419.9 feet.a.s.l). Here you'll have a brief safety orientation regarding the gears and brakes of our bikes, the protective equipment, and a descripton of the route.

First Part

1000m or 3280 feet down(in altitude) on a nice winding compact road. This is stony, sandy and bumpy with closed curves and with a distance of 10 kilometers. It is recommended to go down at 10 - 15 KPH for those with less experience.

Second Part

This area is called CABALLO MUERTO (Dead Horse) over 4000m(13123 feet). Here we ride our bikes  going bit by bit up to 4200m(13780 feet). The distance is not much however, being sandy in some parts makes it hard for some people. But you can go in the 4WD if you want and skip this part.

Third Part

This final part is the longest in distance with an elevation change of 2000m. We descend from the 4200m to AREQUIPA in approximately 2 hours. Following the winding road, we connect with Charcani road, accelerating to a good speed between 40 - 45 KPH on the bikes.
At 3 - 4pm entering the city,we have our last stop is at Mirador de Carmen Alto, where we end our adventure. Then you will  be taken back to your hotel, ending the trip. 
On this part is optional to take a downhill single track on which there was a competition; only for riders with some experience.

1.     Private 4WD supporting vehicle whole trip
2.     English Speaking MT bike guide
3.     Mountain bikes in maintenace (disc brakes, aluminum frames, 27 speed, and good suspension).
4.     Gloves; windproof and full-finger gloves which can also be worn during the cold season or at high altitudes
5.     Helmet; light, ventilated and comfortable for your head
6.     Snack, plenty of drinkable water, chocolates, fresh fruit and energy bars
7.     First aid kit for all participants
8.     Repair Kit, just in case.

1 Person = 170 USDollars
2 or more people = 95 USDollars each