Misti & Chiguata Downhill

We leave at 8am or 1pm from your hotel with all the bikes and equipment on our private 4WD.

We leave Arequipa going up to 3200m. The trip takes an hour and half on a paved and dirt road.
Then in Chiguata, which a small village sourrounded by terraces(fields) and ideal for good pictures, you will be given an explanation of the flora and fauna of this area, a safety orientation regarding the gears and brakes of our bikes, the protective gear, and a description of the tour and of course you will have support with the 4WD nearby. We enjoy this spectacular ride all the way down and then a bit of cross country.

Now by 4WD we go up on Misti Slopes untill 3400m, where we do some downhill, not technical but a good one.
We finish the tour before getting into the city because of the traffic and dogs that like chasing riders, after of 5 hours of fun and ride.

1.     Private 4WD supporting vehicle whole trip
2.     English Speaking MT bike guide
3.     Mountain bikes in maintenace (disc brakes, aluminum frames, 27 speed, and good suspension).
4.     Gloves; windproof and full-finger gloves which can also be worn during the cold season or at high altitudes
5.     Helmet; light, ventilated and comfortable for your head
6.     Snack, plenty of drinkable water, chocolates, fresh fruit and energy bars
7.     First aid kit for all participants
8.     Repair Kit, just in case.


1 participant = 150 US Dollars
2 to more participants = 85 US Dollars each one

Arrows indicate the place you start riding