Salinas Salt Lake Biking Tour

At 7.00hrs we pick you up from your hotel and travel in our 4x4 on a winding road to the Salinas Lagoon which takes about three hours. The road we follow is the old road to Puno and ascends 1700m up the North-East side of Pichu Pichu volcano. On route we pass through the village of Chiguata where pre-Inca terraces can be seen covering the hill side and we go through the protected forests of the QueƱuales tree (see Ecology page) The faults of El Misti, deep canyons that branch out like roots toward the city, become clearer the high we drive. When we have reached altitude we will go through the Simbral tunnel and enter the Natural Reserve.
At 10.00 we arrive to the lagoon by the right side and appreciate habitats of Alpacas and Llamas while they graze. This is also a prime spot for flamingos and they dip themselves into water . Here we will give you safety instructions regarding the gears and brakes of our bikes, the protective gear and an outline of the route we are going to follow.

Then we will start a two-hour ride that skirts the west side of the lake and goes towards Misti following the lagoon bank with sand dunes on our left. This is a flat ride suitable for all people and is a tiring but rewarding ride. We have a break on the north side of the lake. Then we go into in the 4WD and head back down the road towards Arequipa. We stop at 4200m at the cross of EL SIMBRAL and set ready for some downhill. This is a decent of 2000m and 40km on road and is suitable for people at all levels of experience. The unpaved winding road descends into the valley and can be taken at high speed or at a leisurely pace. The reason this is a versatile route for groups is that there are many technical shortcuts between the switchback bends which enables the group to spit in two if needed. This can give the adventurous people the opportunity to go off-road and the people who don’t to just follow the road around and regroup where the two trails meet. This is very suitable for families because of its flexibility and also good for people who just want technical downhill as there are lots of amazing single-track routes to take. We finish a few kilometres from Arequipa at the bridge of Infiernillo and return to the city in our 4WD. A fantastic day out!.

1.     Private 4WD supporting vehicle whole trip
2.     English Speaking MT bike guide
3.     Mountain bikes in maintenace (disc brakes, aluminum frames, 27 speed, and good suspension).
4.     Gloves; windproof and full-finger gloves which can also be worn during the cold season or at high altitudes
5.     Helmet; light, ventilated and comfortable for your head
6.     Snack, plenty of drinkable water, chocolates, fresh fruit and energy bars
7.     First aid kit for all participants
8.     Repair Kit, just in case.

1 person = 250 USDollars
2 people or more = 140 USDollars each